Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs on Volunteering

Q. I used to volunteer for the previous operator of the train (the Mary Valley Heritage Railway). Does this mean I can automatically volunteer with The Rattler Railway Company? 

A.       No, it doesn’t. MVHR and RRC are completely separate entities and privacy laws prevent MVHR from disclosing any of your information to another organisation. In addition, it has been over five years since the Mary Valley Rattler ceased operations under MVHR and many people have changed their contact details and their availability.


Q. Why does the Volunteer Application Form ask for so much information?

A.       The Rattler Railway Company intends to operate the Mary Valley Rattler in way that ensures its long-term future viability once and for all. This level of commitment requires not just more funding than the Mary Valley Rattler has ever required in the past but a greater level of administrative control and responsibility. We have new processes, new policies and new regulations to work within.


Q. Will the RRC be recognising the skills and past service of Volunteers?

A.       Yes. And we want to meet you! That is why we arrange a meeting with you as part of the volunteer onboarding process. We’d like to chat face to face to get to know you and to learn what drives you. The success of the Mary Valley Rattler hinges on our volunteers. You are the lifeblood of the operation and we want to make sure that your volunteer experience is a rewarding one for you in every way possible.


Q.  Will the RRC provide a safe and secure working environment for the RRC Volunteers?

A.       Yes, absolutely. We have already created a Rail Safety Advisory Committee made up of a highly skilled team of volunteers, headed by Ken McHugh & Adrian Hurley, to develop a framework for ensuring that the RRC will meet all Rail Safety standards.

We also plan to create a Volunteer Training & Development Committee to create and manage processes that will ensure that all volunteers receive appropriate training and continual skills development opportunities to ensure the safety of themselves and visitors to The Valley Rattler.

All workplace, health & safety procedures will be strictly adhered to and relevant insurances held.


Q. How do I know my personal information is safe?

A.       We adhere to all applicable Privacy laws. Your details will be only be shared with the Gympie Region Volunteer Centre (Cooloola Human Services Network) who will be assisting us with our Volunteer Onboarding process.


Q. Who has access to my information?

A.       The only people who will have access to yur information are:

  1. people who are a registered Mary Valley Rattler Volunteers and have signed our Code of Conduct and have a legitimate need to access that information in order to carry out their duties or legal responsibilities will have access to personal information.
  2. staff at the Gympie Region Volunteer Centre (Cooloola Human Services Network) who are specifically working with The RRC assisting us with our Volunteer Onboarding process.


Q. Do I need any special skills or equipment in order to be a volunteer?

A.       No. We will need to fill a very wide variety of volunteer positions including: Passenger Greeters, Ticket Sales, Gardeners, Drivers, Firemen, Guards, Rolling Stock Maintenance & Hospitality just to name a few. Simply let us know what areas you would most like to work in and we will try our best to accommodate you.

We provide all volunteers with any personal protective equipment they need as well as a uniform so that they can be easily identified as a Mary Valley Rattler Volunteer.